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They come at night: Syrians flee to Iraq as cease-fire set to expire

AMMAN, Jordan | When Rifaa, her husband and three daughters escaped into Iraq in the dead of night, “there were dead bodies on the street” in Qamishli, Syria. “We found a smuggler to bring us to Kurdistan, and we gave them the amount of money they asked to save ourselves. We paid $2,000 for five… Read more »

Humanitarian groups scramble to help people fleeing northeast Syria

AMMAN, Jordan | Humanitarian concerns are growing as people caught in the crosshairs of the Turkish incursion into northeastern Syria try to flee for safety, and groups are scrambling to aid them. “There are big concerns about what is going on in northeastern Syria with the Turkish military aerial assaults and ground operations,” Father Emanuel… Read more »

Syriac Catholic patriarch pleads for peace in northeastern Syria

ROME | The patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church pleaded for “immediate and lasting peace in northeastern Syria and the preservation of innocent lives, especially for Christians, who are the original and founding component of Syria.” Celebrating Mass Oct. 13 in the patriarchal Church of the Virgin Mary in Rome in the presence of people… Read more »

Turkish planes bomb Syria, causing panic among Christians, others

AMMAN, Jordan | Turkish warplanes have begun attacking northeastern Syria, causing widespread panic among Christian and other religious communities caught up in the aerial bombardments. “Christians and others are extremely worried,” Syriac Christian political leader Bassam Ishak told Catholic News Service by phone Oct. 9. “The Turkish bombing seems designed to push people out of… Read more »

Christians concerned about religious freedom if Turkey enters Syria

AMMAN, Jordan | Growing numbers of Christians in North America and Europe are joining Christians in Syria’s northeast in expressing concern for the future of religious minorities and Kurds in that region should the U.S. give Turkey the “green light” to take over the fight against Islamic State. “News of any Turkish military involvement in… Read more »

Caritas Syria: Air strikes reopened wounds, but agency still able to help

AMMAN, Jordan | Caritas Syria said the recent massive missile strikes by the United States, Britain and France, intended to weaken Syria’s chemical weapons capability, have not hindered its assistance to the country’s poor and internally displaced. “We have enough pain in our lives, we don’t need any more,” said Sandra Awad, communications director for… Read more »

Pope, Christian leaders condemn use of violence against Syria

VATICAN CITY | Sharply criticizing a failure to find nonviolent means of bringing peace to Syria and other parts of the world, Pope Francis appealed to world leaders to work for justice and peace. “I am deeply disturbed by the current world situation, in which, despite the instruments available to international community, it struggles to… Read more »

Lebanese cardinal warns against ‘new drums of war’ in Syria

BEIRUT | Lebanese Cardinal Bechara Rai appealed to world leaders to stop the war in Syria and to work for comprehensive peace through diplomatic means. “As the great powers are beating the drums of a new war against Syria, we regret the absence of a language of peace from the mouths of senior officials in… Read more »

Pope denounces use of chemical weapons after deadly attack in Syria

VATICAN CITY | Pope Francis condemned the use of chemical weapons after a deadly attack killed dozens of innocent men, women and children in Syria. “There is no good and bad war, and nothing, nothing can justify the use of such instruments of extermination against defenseless people and populations,” the pope said April 8 before… Read more »

U.S., world urged to help Jordan aid refugees, end Syrian civil war

SOUTHERN SHUNEH, Jordan | The United States has a responsibility to help Jordan as it struggles to support hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and must actively seek to end Syria’s long civil war, American human rights advocate Kerry Kennedy told a conference on forced migration. “Stop the violence that creates the refugee crisis,” Kennedy… Read more »