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Turkish planes bomb Syria, causing panic among Christians, others

AMMAN, Jordan | Turkish warplanes have begun attacking northeastern Syria, causing widespread panic among Christian and other religious communities caught up in the aerial bombardments. “Christians and others are extremely worried,” Syriac Christian political leader Bassam Ishak told Catholic News Service by phone Oct. 9. “The Turkish bombing seems designed to push people out of… Read more »

Global leaders address religious freedom

religious freedom

WASHINGTON | The rabbi of a Pittsburgh Jewish community where 11 people were killed by a gunman in October told a worldwide meeting of religious freedom activists that only by rejecting racism and bigotry can violence in the name of religion be overcome. “More of humanity desires to live at peace,” Rabbi Jeffry Myers of… Read more »

Religious freedom is basis of all other freedoms in U.S., cardinal says

OREM, Utah | The nation’s Bill of Rights guaranteed freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan told a crowd of more than 3,000 gathered in Orem for a patriotic event held each year around the Fourth of July. The defense of religious freedom is the “quintessential American cause, the… Read more »

Four Catholics die in latest Burkina Faso church attack

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso | Suspected Muslim extremists attacked another Catholic church in Burkina Faso, killing four people and raising the death toll among Christians to 20 in wave of violence in the West Africa nation. The worshippers were killed when armed assailants broke into Our Lady of All Joy Church in the village of Toulfe… Read more »

Christians concerned about religious freedom if Turkey enters Syria

AMMAN, Jordan | Growing numbers of Christians in North America and Europe are joining Christians in Syria’s northeast in expressing concern for the future of religious minorities and Kurds in that region should the U.S. give Turkey the “green light” to take over the fight against Islamic State. “News of any Turkish military involvement in… Read more »

International religious freedom report cites 28 nations falling short

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The U.S. International Commission on Religious Freedom singled out 28 countries for their repression of religious liberty in its annual report, issued Aug. 29. Sixteen countries were designated in the 228-page report as Tier 1 — the harshest level of repression: Myanmar, Central African Republic, China, Eritrea, Iran, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan,… Read more »

Religious Freedom Week begins

Venice | The Feast of Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher on June 22 marks the start of Religious Freedom Week, a national call for all Catholics across the United States to pray and act in support of religious liberty in our country and abroad. It is appropriate that standing up for religious freedom begins… Read more »

State Department releases annual report on international religious freedom

WASHINGTON | Everyone has “a stake in this fight” for religious freedom, said the U.S. ambassador at large for international religious freedom, Sam Brownback. “One person’s bondage is another person’s burden to break,” he told reporters May 29. “We’re all people with beautiful and undeniable human dignity. Our lives are sacred. Our right to choose… Read more »

Speaker: U.S. should recognize past flaws in promoting religious freedom

WASHINGTON | It is time for the United States to take a “self-critical” look at how it has treated religious freedom issues among its own leaders, said one speaker at a May 8 policy briefing near the Capitol with the new U.S. ambassador at large for international religious freedom, Sam Brownback, in attendance. “We need… Read more »

Trump signs order to give faith groups stronger voice in government

WASHINGTON | In front of a small crowd of cabinet members and religious leaders at the White House Rose Garden May 3, President Donald Trump announced, and then signed, an executive order giving faith-based groups a stronger voice in the federal government. “It’s a great day,” he said after signing the order and passing out… Read more »