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God’s word brings light to life’s dark corners, pope says at Mass

VATICAN CITY | God’s saving word doesn’t seek pristine and safe places to reside but instead goes in search of the dark corners of people’s lives that it can brighten, Pope Francis said. By taking his ministry to the “periphery” of Galilee, Jesus proves that God “wants to visit the very places we think he… Read more »

Pope Francis ‘has our backs’ on pro-life cause, says archbishop

WASHINGTON | Pope Francis “has our backs” in the pro-life cause, Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, said to applause in his Jan. 23 homily at the opening Mass of the National Vigil for Life. During an “ad limina” meeting with bishops from Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska the week before, Archbishop Naumann… Read more »

Faith is about worshipping God, not oneself, pope says on Epiphany

VATICAN CITY | Worshipping the Lord as the Three Kings did involves making a journey “from the greatest form of bondage: slavery to oneself,” Pope Francis said on the feast of the Epiphany. To worship like the Magi did is “to bring gold to the Lord and to tell him that nothing is more precious… Read more »

Pope begins New Year with apology, prayers for peace

VATICAN CITY | Pope Francis began the New Year with an apology for losing his patience the night before with a woman who grabbed his hand and yanked him closer to her while he was greeting people in St. Peter’s Square. To get away, the pope had slapped her hand and gave her a very… Read more »

When it comes to pope, social media comments don’t always reflect reality

WASHINGTON | Throughout his papacy, Pope Francis has welcomed dialogue that has led to often candid assessments from clergy and papal advisers about the path he is charting for the Catholic Church. From discussions during the recent Synod of Bishops on the Amazon about the possibility of allowing married clergy to his handling of the… Read more »

Pope lifts secrecy obligation for those who report having been abused

VATICAN CITY | Pope Francis has abolished the obligation of secrecy for those who report having been sexually abused by a priest and for those who testify in a church trial or process having to do with clerical sexual abuse. “The person who files the report, the person who alleges to have been harmed and… Read more »

Pope: Set up, be enchanted by a Nativity scene

VATICAN CITY | A Nativity scene is a simple reminder of something astonishing: God became human to reveal the greatness of his love “by smiling and opening his arms to all,” Pope Francis said in a letter on the meaning and importance of setting up Christmas cribs. “Wherever it is, and whatever form it takes,… Read more »

Immaculate Conception is feast of hope for sinners, pope says

VATICAN CITY | Mary, conceived without sin, is a “masterpiece” who reflects “the beauty of God who is all love, grace and self-giving,” Pope Francis said on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Reciting the Angelus prayer with visitors in St. Peter’s Square Dec. 8, Pope Francis focused on the feast day that celebrates how… Read more »

Pope: Reverence for life, not profit, must determine use of nuclear power

TOKYO |While not adopting the Japanese bishops’ opposition to nuclear power plants as his own, Pope Francis insisted the 2011 meltdown at the Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Fukushima raises serious questions. “It is important at times like this to pause and reflect upon who we are and, perhaps more critically, who we want to… Read more »

Pope calls on leaders, tech giants to protect children online

VATICAN CITY | While digital technologies have led to advancements in communication and education, they also have led to the exploitation of children on the internet, Pope Francis said. The “spread of images of abuse or the exploitation of minors is increasing exponentially, involving ever more serious and violent forms of abuse and ever younger… Read more »