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For candidates and voters, faith plays part in 2020 presidential election

WASHINGTON | Even though people often advise against talking about religion and politics in public, a recent panel discussion at Georgetown University went there by examining current presidential candidates’ beliefs and how faith plays a role in elections. “Politics for some is the new religion,” said John Carr, director of Georgetown University’s Initiative on Catholic… Read more »

Voters in two states OK anti-abortion measures, but Oregon funding stays

WASHINGTON | An Oregon measure that would have banned state funding for elective and late-term abortions was defeated by voters Nov. 6, while an amendment to the West Virginia constitution stating that women do not have a right to an abortion was passed by a narrow margin. Alabamans also approved a measure that makes it… Read more »

‘Keep us in mind,’ says DACA recipient in urging people to vote

WASHINGTON | A group of Catholic high school seniors lobbying on Capitol Hill Nov. 5 knows there is a lot at stake in the midterm elections. They feel strongly about current issues, especially immigration and more specifically, DACA — the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects these students and other young people who… Read more »

Bishops’ conference weighs in on three amendments

ORLANDO | This year’s Nov. 6 Florida election ballot will include 12 amendments to the Florida Constitution that voters could consider to vote for or against. In order for an amendment to pass, 60 percent of the electorate must vote in support. The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops has taken a formal position on three… Read more »