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Vatican asks bishops to help faithful celebrate Holy Week, Easter at home

VATICAN CITY | The Vatican has asked Catholic bishops around the world, both in the Latin rite and the Eastern Catholic Churches, to provide their faithful with resources to support personal and family prayer during Holy Week and at Easter, especially where COVID-19 restrictions prevent them from going to church. The Congregation for Eastern Churches,… Read more »

New Orleans archbishop tests positive, asks prayers for all amid pandemic

NEW ORLEANS |New Orleans Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond announced midday March 23 he has tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. “Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, I have been feeling fine. Recently, I had very mild symptoms, which included fever only. Out of an abundance of caution, I took the coronavirus test which… Read more »

Some U.S. dioceses excuse Catholics from Sunday Mass, others cancel Masses

PHILADELPHIA | Catholics in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia not wishing to attend Sunday Mass for fear of spreading or contracting the coronavirus are no longer obligated to do so, until further notice. The archdiocese made the announcement March 12. Philadelphia Archbishop Nelson J. Perez, in union with all the Catholic bishops of Pennsylvania, “has dispensed… Read more »

Florida dioceses adopt wide-ranging plans to limit spread of coronavirus

ORLANDO  |  As the state of Florida has confirmed three known cases of COVID-19, Florida’s dioceses are joining dioceses nationwide in taking precautions to guard against the spread of the coronavirus. Diocesan websites in Florida are posting letters from their bishops and guidelines that remind parishioners to take commonsense steps related to hygiene in their… Read more »

Pope urges priests to tend to sick, health care workers during epidemic

VATICAN CITY | Pope Francis prayed that priests would find the courage to visit those who are sick and offer accompaniment to health care professionals and volunteers working during the coronavirus epidemic. During a live broadcast of his daily morning Mass, Pope Francis again prayed for the many people who have fallen ill because of… Read more »

R.I. Catholic school closes for week after coronavirus case reported

WASHINGTON | While school systems around the country are discussing what to do in response to the coronavirus, St. Raphael Academy in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, had to put its plans into immediate action when a member of the school community tested “presumptive positive” for a strain of coronavirus after participating in a recent school trip… Read more »

Vatican closes museums, beefs up measures to stop virus spread

VATICAN CITY | The Vatican has instituted new measures and closures to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to urging employees to work from home if possible and providing family leave for workers with minors at home due to school closures, Pope Francis also was making some events — normally held outdoors… Read more »

China temporarily closes places of worship in effort to contain COVID-19

YANGON, Myanmar | The Chinese government has temporarily closed all of the country’s places of worship in an effort to contain the COVID-19 respiratory coronavirus that has now killed almost 3,000 people, with more than 80,000 around the world verified with infections. The government also banned all group religious activities, including at the YMCA. But… Read more »

Northern Italian dioceses take drastic measures against coronavirus

VATICAN CITY | With the biggest two days of celebration and costume parades left, the famous pre-Lenten “Carnevale” of Venice was canceled as were Ash Wednesday services and even funeral Masses throughout the diocese. The Archdiocese of Milan also issued a notice Feb. 23 suspending all public celebrations of the Mass until further notice in… Read more »