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China makes preaching patriotism compulsory to reopen churches

BEIJING | Catholics are upset about a directive from China’s communist government asking priests to “preach on patriotism” as a condition for reopening liturgical services, suspended earlier this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ucanews.com reported the Catholic Patriotic Association and the Chinese Catholic educational administration committee of Zhejiang province jointly issued a notice May… Read more »

China temporarily closes places of worship in effort to contain COVID-19

YANGON, Myanmar | The Chinese government has temporarily closed all of the country’s places of worship in an effort to contain the COVID-19 respiratory coronavirus that has now killed almost 3,000 people, with more than 80,000 around the world verified with infections. The government also banned all group religious activities, including at the YMCA. But… Read more »

New rules in China target unregistered Catholic, Protestant churches

SIEM REAP, Cambodia | The Chinese government has targeted unregistered Catholic and Protestant churches with a new expansion of rules and regulations governing religious organizations. It will institute another raft of laws covering 41 religion-related topics Feb. 1, two years after the implementation of another set of restrictive laws for religious groups in the country…. Read more »

Chinese bishop says Catholics must put ‘love for homeland’ first

Beijing, China | A Chinese bishop has said that Catholics in the country must put their loyalty to the state before the faith. Bishop John Fang Xingyao made the statement during a Communist Party sponsored meeting in Beijing last week held to discuss concerning religion in China.  “Love for the homeland must be greater than… Read more »

Time to heal, restore unity, evangelize, pope tells Catholics in China

VATICAN CITY | The recent Vatican-China agreement on the nomination of bishops seeks the true good of the church, the promotion of preaching the Gospel in China and the re-establishment of the church’s full and visible unity, Pope Francis said in a message to Catholics in China and worldwide. With the help and prayers of… Read more »

Media reporting Vatican-China agreement could be signed in late September

HONG KONG | The long-awaited Sino-Vatican agreement on the nomination of bishops is expected to be signed in September, reported several media outlets. Vatican spokesmen have said only that talks are ongoing. But a Vatican source told America magazine, the New York-based weekly published by the Jesuits, that the deal is due to be signed… Read more »

In Henan, Chinese Catholics warned to follow rules on religious affairs

HONG KONG | Catholics in China’s Henan province have been warned that venues will be closed if they do not adhere to the revised regulations on religious affairs. Ucanews.com reported that a clampdown on religious freedom has intensified in the province in recent months, with crosses removed from churches, minors banned from entering churches, church-run… Read more »

China’s Communist Party overhaul includes religious affairs control

HONG KONG | China’s ruling Communist Party has further stepped up control over all religions, dissolving its long-standing State Administration for Religious Affairs bureau and handing its functions to the party’s United Front Work Department. Ucanews.com reported the move was announced on the closing day of the annual “two meetings” in Beijing and comes as… Read more »

In China, government-appointed bishops support Xi, Vatican-China deal

Beijing, China |  Government-backed bishops have spoken out publicly in support of the Vatican-China deal in a Chinese media interview at the Chinese Communist Party’s annual meetings this week. Bishop Peter Fang Jianping of Tangshan is a member of the National People’s Congress, the Chinese government’s legislative body which voted to eliminate presidential term limits… Read more »

Cardinal Zen: ‘Vatican is ready to surrender to the Chinese communist party’

Hong Kong, China | A possible Vatican agreement with the Chinese government has prompted feelings of unease and fears of betrayal, Cardinal Joseph Zen has warned in a strong statement continuing his criticism of negotiations. “In recent days, the brothers and sisters living on the Chinese mainland have learned that the Vatican is ready to… Read more »