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Catholic Extension announces aid for families of deported breadwinners

CHICAGO | Catholic Extension will be helping families left without their main financial supporter in Mississippi, where families lost their breadwinner after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement carried out massive raids Aug. 7. Federal authorities said they arrested 680 people at various food processing plants in the Southern state, in what may be one of… Read more »

Catholic Extension launches reunification fund to help families at border

CHICAGO | Catholic Extension announced June 21 it has established a Family Reunification Fund as “a response to the human tragedy unfolding on the nation’s southern border” with Mexico. Family separations at the border and policy debates over that policy and the nation’s immigration system “have exposed the profound misery of those fleeing their countries… Read more »

Program develops leaders for Catholic schools in U.S. mission dioceses

CHICAGO | At a time when many Catholic schools are struggling with enrollment, fighting to survive and at times shutting their doors, Catholic Extension and Loyola Marymount University have teamed up to strengthen Catholic schools in some of the nation’s poorest communities. They have launched the Catholic School Leadership Development Initiative to develop a pipeline… Read more »