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Leap year’s extra day has a Catholic origin

BOSTON | The extra day we get approximately once every four years is a way to adapt the calendar year to the astronomical year. But did you know the present system of calculating the leap years was designed around fixing the date of Easter? While the concept of the leap year has been around since… Read more »

Parish of teen who escaped abduction credits power of prayer

WASHINGTON | For nearly three months, parishioners at St. Peter Catholic Church in Cameron, Wisconsin, were praying for the safe return of one of their own — 13-year-old Jayme Closs. When parishioners heard the news that she had escaped her abductor Jan. 10 and was safe, their prayers switched to gratitude. The parish sign said,… Read more »

Sudan rebel leader praises Catholic work in liberated area

NUBA MOUNTAINS, Sudan (CNS) — The leader of a rebel group fighting the government of Sudan says the Catholic Church has given hope to the people of that country’s war-torn Nuba Mountains. Abdelaziz Adam al-Hilu, chair of Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North, says the accompaniment of the church, under the leadership of retired Bishop Macram Max… Read more »

Vatican, China nearing agreement on bishops, according to reports

VATICAN CITY | Multiple news reports indicate the Vatican has made substantial progress in reaching an agreement with China’s communist government on the naming of bishops for several dioceses. The news agency Reuters and The Wall Street Journal both reported Feb. 1 that the deal would involve two bishops recognized by the Holy See stepping… Read more »

Congolese official denies ordering police to stop cathedral Mass

ARU, Congo | A provincial governor denied allegations by Catholic Church authorities that he ordered police to prevent the celebration of Mass Jan. 21. Alphonse Ngoyi Kasanji, who heads the government in Kasai Oriental, challenged the clergy accusing him to provide evidence of their claims. United Nations Radio reported Jan. 30 that Catholic clergy in… Read more »