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CLINIC sues administration over new directives for asylum-seekers

WASHINGTON | President Donald Trump’s appointment of Ken Cuccinelli to a top immigration position violated federal law and therefore certain actions undertaken by his office are not legally valid, a federal lawsuit argues. The complaint was filed Sept. 6 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and challenges three directives from Cuccinelli,… Read more »

Court allows administration to bar asylum-seekers for now

WASHINGTON | The Supreme Court issued an unsigned order late Sept. 11 that will temporarily allow the Trump administration to enforce its new rule preventing many Central American migrants from seeking asylum in the United States, while the legal battle over this issue continues to work its way through the courts. The order temporarily reverses… Read more »

Faith leaders ask for end to rule for asylum-seekers

SILVER SPRING, Md. | Calling it “a backdoor asylum ban,” more than 250 faith leaders and organizations called for an end to the Trump administration’s policy to turn away asylum-seekers if they don’t first seek protection in countries along their way to the U.S. “The rule fails to understand or acknowledge the realities of asylum-seekers’… Read more »

Bishops condemn asylum policy for U.S.-Mexico border

Washington D.C. | The president of U.S. bishops’ conference issued a statement on Tuesday condemning a newly-announced rule on asylum eligibility at the southern border, suggesting that countries like Mexico are not a safe final destination for asylum seekers, and encouraging the Trump administration to change the policy. “The rule adds further barriers to asylum-seekers’… Read more »

Application of ‘third country’ rule for asylum-seekers


WASHINGTON | The Trump administration announced the U.S. departments of Justice and Homeland Security are adopting an interim “third country rule” requiring immigrants seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border to first apply for refugee status in another country. News that the rule was taking effect July 16 brought quick condemnation by Catholic and other immigrant… Read more »

Arizona Diocese looks to open shelter for migrants

TUCSON, Ariz. | Catholic Community Services in the Tucson Diocese has reached a tentative agreement with Pima County to turn an unused juvenile detention facility into a temporary shelter for asylum-seekers. The agency, which is the human services arm of the diocese, has operated such a shelter at a former Benedictine monastery since the beginning… Read more »

Catholic group joins suit against government

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The Catholic Legal Immigration Network joined three other organizations in filing a lawsuit against the federal government over a memo that the groups say changes the rules retroactively for unaccompanied immigrant minors seeking asylum. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for Southern Maryland July 1, the day after the… Read more »

Cardinal visits refugees in Greek camps as political solutions falter

MYTILENE, Greece | The Vatican and the Greek government agree on what should happen to the asylum-seekers in Greek camps: They should be welcomed by European communities and helped to build a new life on the continent. Exactly how that should happen seems unclear, though. Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the papal almoner, went to the Greek… Read more »

A bishop testifies on immigration as president seeks to change asylum

WASHINGTON | In a memo released late on April 29, President Donald Trump ordered changes for how refugees may apply for asylum to the U.S., requesting an application fee from asylum-seekers and denying them permission to work depending on how the applicant entered the country. Though the changes are not immediate, he gave administration officials… Read more »

Mexican shelters strain with arrival of asylum-seekers at U.S. border

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Mexico | Gangs in Honduras first threated Denia Garcia’s husband six months ago, telling him to join with them or die. Her husband, a police officer, fled to the United States, arriving successfully. In his absence, the gangs threatened Garcia, sending her on the migrant path with her children, ages 2 and 5…. Read more »