Florida Bishops

The pastoral nature of the episcopacy inspires our three bishop publishers to use the Florida Catholic as a forum to shine a light on issues of importance to Catholic faith. Whether reflecting on the different liturgical seasons of the Church, delving into the inspirational lives of the saints, or highlighting the good deeds of the local church, Bishops John Noonan, Gerald M. Barbarito and Frank J. Dewane hope visitors will gain insight from the words offered in their columns.

Bishop Noonan

Diocese of Orlando

Jesus is with us in the gift of the Eucharist

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

What comforting words Jesus offers us as he assures us that he will be with us always. What does this mean for us today when it has been so many years since his ascension into heaven?


Bishop Barbarito

Diocese of Palm Beach

Mary, a ‘Pilgrim of Hope and Peace’

May, which is quickly coming to a conclusion, is the month of Mary. This particular year the month of Mary has a special significance as it celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the appearances of Our Lady at Fatima. So significant is this that Pope Francis went to Portugal for this occasion and canonized two of the young people, Francisco and Jacinta Marta, to whom Mary appeared at Fatima. Pope Francis is the fourth pope to visit Fatima, following Blessed Pope Paul VI, St. John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. On the occasion of his pilgrimage to Fatima, Pope Francis referred to traveling with Mary as a “Pilgrim of Hope and Peace.”


Bishop Dwane

Diocese of Venice

Faithful urged to spread the good news throughout Easter Season

hroughout the Universal Church the faithful gathered for a joyous celebration on Easter; that is the Resurrection of Our Lord, the summit of the Catholic faith. Easter is not simply one feast among others, but the “Feast of feasts,” the “Solemnity of solemnities.”
This celebration comes after the holiest of weeks which began with the entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and included the institution of the Eucharist (Communion) during the Last Supper, institution of the Sacrament of Holy Orders as well as the betrayal by Judas on Holy Thursday, and the suffering and death of Our Lord on Good Friday. The Resurrection on Easter completes the journey for Jesus, but it is just the beginning of a new journey of belief and hope for the faithful, Bishop Frank J. Dewane explained during an Easter Vigil Mass April 15 at Epiphany Cathedral in Venice.


Florida Conference
of Catholic Bishops


Urge Extension of TPS Designation for Haitians

Tallahassee | Over 58,000 Haitians are at risk of having their Temporary Protected Status (TPS) terminated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). TPS allows these individuals to temporarily remain in the United States and support themselves legally while Haiti is being rebuilt. Haiti is still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, which struck in October 2016 and is said to be the nation’s largest humanitarian emergency since the 2010 earthquake. Additionally, Haiti is plagued with a severe cholera epidemic and food shortages.