Florida Bishops

The pastoral nature of the episcopacy inspires our three bishop publishers to use the Florida Catholic as a forum to shine a light on issues of importance to Catholic faith. Whether reflecting on the different liturgical seasons of the Church, delving into the inspirational lives of the saints, or highlighting the good deeds of the local church, Bishops John Noonan, Gerald M. Barbarito and Frank J. Dewane hope visitors will gain insight from the words offered in their columns.

Bishop Noonan

Diocese of Orlando

House of prayer offers God’s embrace for all

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

What is the line of divide among us? Is it wearing a mask vs. not? Is it having food vs. not? Or living in one section of a town vs. another? Is it the color of one’s skin? Is it one denomination vs. another? Is it the nationality of one vs. another? Is it the political party to which we profess? Is it old vs. young?


Bishop Barbarito

Diocese of Palm Beach

Mary – gate and queen of heaven

We have two significant celebrations in honor of Mary during the month of August. One is on Aug. 15, when we celebrate her Assumption into heaven. The other is exactly a week later on Aug. 22, when we celebrate her queenship. Both of these celebrations are intimately connected as they proclaim the culmination of the life of Mary in her unique role as the perfect disciple of Christ. Whenever we want to know how to live as followers of Christ, we look to our Blessed Mother.


Bishop Dewane

Diocese of Venice

Jesus revealed to us in a new way

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Christ is risen! Alleluia! These joyful words may seem oddly placed for many as the world seems to be held by the pandemic in a more lenten period of sacrifice, trial and difficulty. People throughout the Diocese, the country, and the entire world are going through tremendous hardships. Families struggle with finances. Others are challenged with health concerns from the ongoing pandemic. And the spiritual needs of the faithful, through the Sacraments, has only recently been made available. Amidst all this adversity, we do not forget that Christ has risen! He has overcome the world! He is victorious! Christ sends us the promise of Himself, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, during the upcoming Pentecost Sunday.


Florida Conference
of Catholic Bishops


Florida bishops praise passage of legislation requiring parental consent prior to a minor’s abortion

The bishops of Florida commend our state legislature for passing, with bipartisan support, legislation that ensures a parent provides consent before a minor can terminate her pregnancy.Parental consent is required prior to a minor’s medical treatment in most every instance, this includes simple medical interventions such as taking an aspirin or getting one’s ears pierced. This legislation is a common-sense measure that holds abortion to the same consent requirements as most every other medical decision involving a child.