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Terror of volcano felt locally

LAKE WORTH | Everyone had a story, a sad story, about a loved one in Guatemala suffering in the aftermath of the volcano that violently erupted in the south-central part of the country in June. “My father is there,” said Gloria Cruz, a parishioner of St. Juliana in West Palm Beach. Her father, Daniel Cruz,… Read more »

Week highlights natural family planning

Cindy Fulmer is celebrating 15 years of marriage and reflecting back on the journey with good times, challenges and surprises. And she credits the planning of her big family “the natural way” as one of the best things that happened to her as she continues to walk the path of life with husband Chris at… Read more »

The doctor was in

Local physician ministers at U.S. bishops’ meeting FORT LAUDERDALE | Dr. Anthony Dardano stood among the more than 300 bishops and others attending the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops spring assembly in Fort Lauderdale last month, but he didn’t sit in on the discussions in the main conference room. Instead, he had his own private… Read more »

Spanish-speakers celebrate 15 years in community

JUPITER | Two months after he was appointed pastor of St. Peter Parish, Father Donald Finney responded to the needs of a segment of the community, welcoming them and providing for their spiritual needs, a hospitable and loving outreach that has led to the diverse flock and community of disciples that St. Peter is today…. Read more »

Choirs sing most beautiful music possible for God

PALM SPRINGS | Music can stir hearts, bring joy and create tears, but sacred music can be a powerful form of worship, according to one minister here attempting to teach people about the traditional music of the old Church. “I want to promote the fact that we are doing sacred music, not just liturgical music,… Read more »

Ministry offers dignified burials for infants

ROYAL PALM BEACH | The loss of her preterm baby who died 12 days after birth was a nightmare, but not a completely new feeling for Angie Di Leonardo, who lost her first child during stillbirth. “It was bad,” said a teary-eyed DiLeonardo, a parishioner of Our Lady Queen of the Apostles in Royal Palm… Read more »

Musician to continue Catholic education

ORLANDO | While most people might not recognize the tuba as a complex instrument, Luis Marull not only understands the complexity of the tuba, he demonstrates it musically. “I would say hitting a note is easy, but manipulating a note is a different story,” said the 18-year-old high school graduate. “By the different way you… Read more »

Witness, prayer are keys to vocation of fathering

PORT ST. LUCIE | Fathers will be recognized and presented with gifts, hugs and kisses June 17, Father’s Day, and some dads will attend Mass with their children as they have continued to do over the years, sharing faith with their kids as faithful parents are called to do. As Father’s Day approaches we spoke… Read more »

Visits to New Jersey cement vocation

WELLINGTON | A young Katie Flanagan vividly remembers having butterflies in her stomach the day she boarded the airplane at Fort Lauderdale International Airport that was taking off to fly to a destination to which she felt God was calling her — cold, damp New Jersey. The trip was “top secret,” she explained, adding that… Read more »

Stewardship is more than money

PALM BEACH GARDENS | Time, talent and treasure is one of the more popular slogans surrounding stewardship and it pretty much shapes a Catholic’s life, say parish leaders around the diocese. In that way, stewardship is more than money; it is music, youth ministry, senior outreach, feeding programs, hospital visits, coffee and doughnuts and much… Read more »