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Parish offers prayers of healing at its garden

BOYNTON BEACH  |  Near the church of St. Thomas Parish lies a peaceful garden with flowers, statues and memorial walls holding the names of deceased souls taken from loved ones. “It is beautiful,” said parishioner Sue Buzzelli during the unveiling and dedication ceremony of the St. Peregrine Shrine and Garden five years ago. Since the… Read more »

Two religious sisters believe anything is possible with help of God

INDIANTOWN  |  Two religious sisters here with “can-do spirits” and trust in the Lord say they see the people they minister to completely transformed through their programs. But could it actually be the sisters’ witness of love and dedication and their own ambitious and positive spirit that are changing hearts of the people who walk… Read more »

Divine Mercy Sunday is a gift from the Lord

PALM BEACH GARDENS  |  Divine Mercy Sunday is April 23, and as the feast day approaches, one man here is spreading the message to help people take advantage of graces and God’s mercy promised simply by putting in a little time and taking a few extra steps at this time of year. “If we follow… Read more »

Faithful celebrate life on burial day of strangers

ROYAL PALM BEACH  |  Names of deceased souls filled the second page of the cemetery committal service program, a total of 57 men and women altogether, mostly strangers to the people praying for them and celebrating their life on their burial day. “Ursula Jontza might be the mother of Norbert Jontza,” said Stephanie Link-Quijada, a… Read more »

One man steps into the footsteps of Jesus

  FORT PIERCE  |  Daniel Scott straps on a pair of sandals, places a crown of thorns on his head and actually carries a heavy wooden cross as he passionately portrays Jesus Christ in his final days and last hours. Scott, who heads the men’s group at St. Anastasia Parish in Fort Pierce, has played… Read more »

Soldiers of Christ have their swords blessed

BOCA RATON  |  Osmany Periu, dressed in a black tuxedo, purple plumed hat, cape and white gloves, stood in front of the altar gripping his drawn sword as holy water was sprinkled on him and his shiny family heirloom. “It was my father’s sword,” said Periu, a parishioner of St. Joan of Arc in Boca… Read more »

Sister returns to Ireland nearly 50 years later

DELRAY BEACH  |  When young Sister Mary Clare Fennell left her family and home behind in Ireland wearing a habit and toting a small bag, she believed her ministry work in Florida would extend three or so years. But nearly 50 years have passed and the Sister of Mercy is returning to her homeland with… Read more »

Tragic memory still ignites a blessed, prayerful life

One World War II veteran here is strong in faith and eternally grateful to God for the blessing of life STUART  |  Former U.S. Navy Radioman Second Class Leo Hopkins clearly remembers a day 72 years ago that changed his life forever and took the lives of so many, for whom he continues to pray… Read more »

Former students return to serve John Carroll school community

  FORT PIERCE  |  Jennifer Trefelner said that when she was a student at John Carroll High School in the 1990s there was a strong sense of camaraderie and community spirit, and that same spirit exist today in the halls and classrooms. She believes that the school, which she is a part of today, “truly… Read more »

Caregivers learn to care for themselves

BOYNTON BEACH  |  Sally Moore’s mother taught her many things, including a thing or two about Alzheimer’s. Moore helped care for her mother who was afflicted with the disease, and the experience better prepared her to take care of her husband, Herman, who was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer’s as well. “What is it like when… Read more »