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Open wide our hearts

LONGWOOD  |   A week after George Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer, Father David Scotchie took time to reflect and committed himself to a goal.  His goal: to promote a deeper evaluation of racial attitudes in light of the Gospel, even as the subject elicits tensions, including within the Catholic Church. … Read more »

Elderly parishioner finds family at Oviedo church

OVIEDO  |  Love is the simplest word to describe Teresa García. She embodied the word. She spread it everywhere she went. Those she encountered could not help, but to return it. When she died last month, July 27, 2020, it was no surprise that more than 100 people attended her funeral, despite no living relative,… Read more »

Natural Family Planning conceives God’s will

OVIEDO  |  After 12 years of practicing and nine years of teaching Natural Family Planning (NFP), Katie and Matt Del Giudice discovered there was still more to learn when they conceived their third child, despite diligent chart keeping.  “This is the point of NFP that I didn’t get at first, but now I do,” Katie… Read more »

COVID pandemic affects seminarian assignments

ORLANDO  |  Each summer seminarians are assigned to a variety of opportunities designed to broaden their exposure to priestly life, expand their knowledge and improve their skills. The advent of COVID-19 limited those opportunities. No more trips abroad to learn a language (usually Spanish), or traveling to Creighton University for summer courses or the traditional… Read more »

Explaining the Holy Mass, Part 1

ROCKLEDGE  |  The Florida Catholic has received several questions about the Mass, specifically certain gestures, traditions and practices within the liturgy. We most certainly look forward to answering these questions. But, in order to do so adequately, we will need to understand the essence of the sacred liturgy and why Jesus gave us the Eucharist…. Read more »

Two men, eager and ready, are ordained to priesthood

ORLANDO  |  On July 25, 2020 — the feast day of the apostle James — two transitional deacons were ordained to the priesthood. And both men were glad that day had finally arrived. “Honestly, I’m just ready to be a priest. That’s what I most look forward to,” said Deacon Adam Marchese as he prepared… Read more »

Program explains how to raise kids who stay Catholic

ORLANDO  |  It can be heard frequently. Parents and grandparents lamenting their children no longer go to Mass or practice the faith.  Studies from the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) and others validate the disheartening truth that young people are leaving the Church in large numbers. That reality launched the Secretariat of… Read more »

Concerts bring cheer to audiences during pandemic

DUNNELLON  |  In the small town of Dunnellon, slightly southwest of Ocala, there is a woman who proclaims her faith through music.  Since March, when Florida went on lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic, Lisa Marie Nicole has offered hope and light through almost 20 “COVID concerts” on Facebook Live, often with up to 500 viewers…. Read more »

Orlando Diocese Catholic schools to delay opening

ORLANDO  |  Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Henry Fortier, announced July 20, 2020, that Catholic schools in the Diocese of Orlando will open Aug. 26, 2020, two weeks later than originally planned.  “The two-week delay will allow us to monitor the situation, in central Florida, of positive cases and make necessary adjustments to keep our faculty… Read more »

Marian camp theme focuses on community

WINTER PARK  |  “Cow!”  The shout by a counselor was followed by a response from a small group of children, who moved quickly to become appropriately distanced. “Moo!”  While the response was rote, its meaning had an added dimension. At San Pedro Summer Camp, the cow-moo game offered a fun way to practice appropriate separation… Read more »