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Orlando bishop celebrates National Day of Prayer

ORLANDO | Bishop John Noonan celebrated Mass June 1, 2020, at St. James Cathedral in Orlando to remember the more than 100,000 victims of COVID-19 in the United States and more than 370,000 worldwide. Marking the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, called for by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, an organization of more than… Read more »

Students to rally behind sick ‘sister’

Editor’s note: Some last names have been omitted to protect the privacy of minors. ST. CLOUD | “Today is not a great day for Megan,” said Megan’s mother, Kristie, in an interview with the Florida Catholic May 27, 2020. “She’s not feeling well and her counts are low, but I always tell her, ‘Remember, we… Read more »

Mary comes to life in cemetery mosaic

WINTER PARK  |  The words of the late Bishop Thomas Grady, “we honor Mary because God first honored her,” boast why the first diocesan cemetery is named after her.  Driving up to Queen of Angels Cemetery, visitors cannot miss the 10-foot by almost 11-foot mosaic of Mary surrounded by angels, greeting guests just beyond the… Read more »

Orlando Catholic Charities feeds 1,500

ORLANDO  |  Andrés Mendoza left Venezuela for a better life for his family. However, no matter where in the world he lives at the moment, he faces obstacles brought on by COVID-19. “This is a new thing in the whole world. Everyone is losing jobs. I have friends all around the world and they say… Read more »

COVID-19 is no match for MARITAL LOVE-2020

LEESBURG  |  When John Cuomo proposed marriage to Alexa Earl February 2019, both pictured a wedding surrounded by family and friends as they professed their commitment to one another before God.  The word “pandemic” was not on their radar.  Set to marry on April 25, 2020 at St. James Cathedral in Orlando, the two prepared… Read more »

Lazarus Ministry revives residents’ hope for a better future

ORLANDO | “(Lazarus Ministry is) awesome,” said Matthew Armstrong, with noticeable levity in his voice. “They bring us clothes, food, baby wipes. They send us stuff to help us with the virus – hand sanitizer, paper towels, toilet paper. When there was no toilet paper available, they got toilet paper for us.”   Armstrong is… Read more »

Chaplains bring Christ’s peace in pandemic times

ORLANDO  |  Walking into Orlando Health Regional Medical Center, Father Sebastian Mpango Nzabhayanga of St. John Vianney Parish in Orlando, notices something on the pavement. It is a message of thanks to nurses and staff for their frontline efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus. More congratulatory messages fill walls and mark doors. It is… Read more »

Students’ visits bring joy to elderly residents

ORMOND BEACH  |  Isabella spotted a piano in the recreation room as soon as she arrived at Seaside Manor with the rest of her eighth grade class.  She sat down hoping to bring some joy to the elder residents of Seaside Manor. It seemed like a small thing, “But when you look deeper, it’s a… Read more »

Mission Vincentians

ORLANDO  |  Diana Blanco became homeless after both she and her husband lost their jobs and she had suffered a miscarriage. Family and friends helped them get back on their feet. Today she works to pay forward the help she received through serving in a food pantry and thrift store.  Carlos Benitez’ childhood experiences of… Read more »

Ministry thrives in the digital age

ORLANDO  |  Whether using Zoom, FaceTime or something more advanced, coronavirus has turned digital ministry on its head.  From grandparents to elementary school kids, people are interacting, caring for and learning from one another through technology. Youth directors, ministry leaders and priests are finding new ways to evangelize and continue faith-based ministries in ever increasingly… Read more »