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Concerts are respite for the weary, hope for the forgotten

Editor’s note: Last names were omitted to protect privacy of inmates and workers. ORLANDO | Most people spend their lives making sure they never see the inside of a prison, but internationally acclaimed pianist and composer Eric Genuis is not like most people. He’s excited to take his God-given talents behind bars and share beauty… Read more »

New Smyrna Beach twins run for charities

NEW SMYRNA BEACH | On weekends, twins Patrick and Thomas can often be found lacing up their running shoes and crossing finish lines as they participate in numerous 5ks throughout the year. But their hobby isn’t just for the fun of it, or even just a way to stay healthy. “We run because it is… Read more »

Vietnamese community celebrate new year

ORLANDO | Dragons, lions, and thousands of faithful Catholics recently packed the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The sea of rare sights, sounds and smells is the wondrous celebration of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year hosted by St. Philip Phan Van Minh Parish. More than 10,000 people flooded the event to pray for peace, harmony, prosperity and… Read more »

‘God gave us everything’

Lamb and agriculture cultivate Catholic faith at Ocala high school ORLANDO | Raising ranch animals and gardening is common amongst the residents in rural Ocala, as is the devotion to Christianity as witnessed on the numerous properties’ depictions of the Three Crosses on Calvary. Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala, which rests on several acres… Read more »

Senior finds a spiritual home after many years

INDIALANTIC | From an early age, Lorraine Grosse enjoyed spending time with her Catholic friends, even going to Mass occasionally. “I was always very interested,” she recalled. Raised in the evangelical church, she had a strong Christian background, but was always drawn to Catholicism. It took decades, loss, and a new home at Zon Beachside… Read more »

Catholic Charities welcomes the stranger

ORLANDO  |  “You ask yourself every day whether or not you should have come when your life in one place was in danger, and you arrive at another and are still at risk.”  Those are the words of José, who fled Cuba  with his wife, and arrived in the United States in May 2019.  “It’s… Read more »

Community honors Filipino Black Nazarene in Deland

DELAND  |  Three years ago, after reading about the massive crowds that gathered to celebrate Jesus Nazarene in the Philippines, Father Tom Connery, then pastor of St. Peter Parish in Deland, approached Ligaya Cortez. He asked if she could procure a Black Nazarene statue (as it is known) from the Philippines and bring it to… Read more »

Parishioners make pilgrimage around diocese

OVIEDO  |  If you think you need to spend a lot of money and leave the country to experience a pilgrimage, think again.  Take a cue from Most Precious Blood parishioners Natalie Bose-Silver and Cassie Schauff. The duo is on a mission to visit all 91 parishes and missions in the Diocese of Orlando. They… Read more »

Special needs addressed at Our Lady of Lourdes

MELBOURNE | Like many classrooms, students with special needs at Our Lady of Lourdes encounter desks and computer screens. But in that special learning space, there are also bicycle pedals under the seats and chairs that bounce. Everything was made with a purpose to enhance the learning needs of each student. “It’s a sensory playground,… Read more »

Childcare becomes Early Learning Center

INDIALANTIC  |  When Father Scott Circe became pastor of Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Indialantic, in the summer of 2017, the community included a parish, a school, and a childcare facility that ran a half-day program to help busy parents. That spring the school was due for accreditation renewal and recommendations suggested the childcare… Read more »