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Father of Alfie Evans meets pope, begs for help to save his son

VATICAN CITY | Begging Pope Francis to help his son, Alfie, Tom Evans met with the pontiff, pleading for “asylum” in Italy so his seriously ill son may receive care and not be euthanized in England. “If Your Holiness helps our child, Your Holiness will be potentially saving the future for our children in the… Read more »

Pope, Christian leaders condemn use of violence against Syria

VATICAN CITY | Sharply criticizing a failure to find nonviolent means of bringing peace to Syria and other parts of the world, Pope Francis appealed to world leaders to work for justice and peace. “I am deeply disturbed by the current world situation, in which, despite the instruments available to international community, it struggles to… Read more »

Bishops: Ending programs would create bigger crisis for El Salvador

WASHINGTON | When a house is on fire, you don’t lock the doors to the outside to help save the people trapped inside, but that’s what U.S. policy is doing when it brings to an end two immigration programs that have helped more than 200,000 Salvadorans live, study and work in the U.S., said a… Read more »

Lebanese cardinal warns against ‘new drums of war’ in Syria

BEIRUT | Lebanese Cardinal Bechara Rai appealed to world leaders to stop the war in Syria and to work for comprehensive peace through diplomatic means. “As the great powers are beating the drums of a new war against Syria, we regret the absence of a language of peace from the mouths of senior officials in… Read more »

Chilean abuse victims welcome pope’s letter, call for zero tolerance

SANTIAGO, Chile | Victims of clergy sexual abuse welcomed Pope Francis’ letter in which he apologized for underestimating the seriousness of the crisis in Chile. James Hamilton, Jose Andres Murillo and Juan Carlos Cruz, victims of Father Fernando Karadima, released a statement April 11 saying they appreciated the pope’s letter and were “evaluating the possibilities”… Read more »

“Rejoice and Be Glad”: Not defending life? Pope Francis won’t let you off the hook, experts say

Vatican City | The latest exhortation from Pope Francis has made headlines for its claims about the importance of defending the value of all human lives: the unborn, the poor, and the immigrant. But Gaudete et exsultate’s broad emphasis isn’t an excuse for Catholics to avoid confronting the evil of abortion, several commentators told CNA…. Read more »

Trump’s border policies cross the line for church leaders, advocates

WASHINGTON | Catholic Church leaders and immigration advocates say President Donald Trump’s recent moves to clamp down on immigration are extreme and unnecessary. The president’s latest efforts to curb U.S. border crossings call for National Guard troops to be deployed along the border and ending the so-called “catch and release” practice of allowing immigrants seeking… Read more »

Door to door: Pope reaffirms missionaries’ mandate to knock on hearts

VATICAN CITY | As a sign that God’s mercy cannot be limited, Pope Francis has recommissioned his special army of priests charged with bringing that divine mercy to everyone. Originally instituted in 2016 for the Year of Mercy, the “missionaries of mercy” were invited to return to Rome April 8-11 to share their experiences and… Read more »

Catholic priest in Congo shot dead; kidnapped priest released, unharmed

ARU, Congo | A Catholic priest was shot dead in Congo shortly after celebrating Mass. U.N. radio in Congo reported April 9 that Father Etienne Nsengiunva, a priest in Kitchanga, was shot at point-blank range April 8. Father Emmanuel Kapitula, vicar of the parish in Kitchanga, said an armed man entered the room where Father… Read more »

St. Grandma? Pope cites the famous and the ‘saint next door’

VATICAN CITY | Naturally in a document on the Christian call to holiness, Pope Francis cited a heavenly host of saints — including some whose sainthood causes are ongoing and some who probably will never be canonized. “A great cloud of witnesses,” he said, encourages each Christian to take steps toward holiness. “These witnesses may… Read more »