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CRS unveils hunger awareness campaign as pandemic hinders access to food

CLEVELAND (CNS) — As tens of millions more people are at risk of acute hunger because of the global coronavirus pandemic, Catholic Relief Services is embarking on a campaign to raise awareness, advocate and raise funds to head off the brewing crisis. Called Lead the Way on Hunger, the effort will address how the agency… Read more »

Laudato Si’ at 5: Dioceses embrace call for care of the earth

CLEVELAND | The Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis is “greening.” So are the dioceses of Stockton, California; Joliet, Illinois; and others across the United States. Participants in diocesan environmental ministries credit Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical, “Laudato Si’, on Care for Our Common Home,” for raising awareness and motivating Catholics and others to act… Read more »

Pontifical universities to reopen in the fall, but have backup plans

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education has asked pontifical universities and faculties to plan to reopen in the fall and teach with students present. The universities in Rome are making those preparations, but many of them also are devising backup plans in case the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and many students are… Read more »

Public allowed, with restrictions, for Mass in Italy starting mid-May

ROME | The Italian bishops and government have agreed on a protocol to allow the public to be present for liturgical celebrations starting May 18. In an effort to avoid spreading the coronavirus, a series of restrictions will be in force, such as wearing facial masks inside the church, social distancing between individuals and no… Read more »

Church wasn’t prepared, either, for pandemic, nuncio to U.S. says

WASHINGTON | Just like billions of people throughout the world, “the church was not prepared” for the coronavirus pandemic, said Archbishop Christophe Pierre, the Vatican nuncio to the United States, in a May 6 interview with Catholic News Service. “We are also people in an organization” beyond just a religion with adherents, Archbishop Pierre said… Read more »

Pope advances sainthood cause of Italian millennial

VATICAN CITY | Pope Francis advanced the sainthood causes of one woman and four men, including an Italian millennial who dedicated his brief life to spreading faith and happiness to his peers. The pope signed the decrees May 5 during a meeting with Cardinal Angelo Becciu, prefect of the Congregation for Saints’ Causes. The Vatican… Read more »

Priest hopes Catholics will always remember the eternal values

ORLANDO  |  COVID-19 has made it impossible for parishioners to enjoy their wholesome congregations. Florida’s churches have all closed, forcing Mass to go online and disrupting the everyday normalcy the faithful always have enjoyed.  It is safe to say the priests in 2020 are also experiencing a new way of life during these last few… Read more »

Congress urged to address needs of minorities in new pandemic relief bill

CLEVELAND |The needs of poor and minority communities that face greater health risks from pollution and economic disparities deserve to be addressed in any future federal pandemic relief package, dozens of religious communities and Catholic advocates said in a letter to members of Congress. “In upcoming legislation, we urge you to protect the most harmed… Read more »

Hospital chaplains talk about their ministry in the midst of pandemic

LEWISTON, Maine |”It’s about being present to the human person in those moments of need when we come to experience how vulnerable we all are, and though I may not be able to do something to change the situation, I can still be with that person in need and offer what I have, my very… Read more »