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Women religious find a place of honor on Mother’s Day

WASHINGTON (CNS) — When the elderly men and women at the Jeanne Jugan Residence for senior care pray the rosary with Sister Constance Veit, they see her as more than one of the caregivers at the facility. Though this nun with the Little Sisters of the Poor is many years their junior, these seniors think… Read more »

After offering instruction, pope gives first Communion to 245 children

RAKOVSKI, Bulgaria | In the Catholic heart of Bulgaria, Pope Francis celebrated a special Mass for 245 children receiving their first Communion and thanked them for helping him, their parents and grandparents remember their own first Communion. “Today you have made it possible for us to relive that joy and to celebrate Jesus, present in… Read more »

Fearful Venezuelan migrants find warm welcome from church in Brazil

PACARAIMA, Brazil | The border between Venezuela and Brazil has been closed since Feb. 22, but hundreds of Venezuelan migrants still stream across daily, seeking refuge from a worsening political and economic crisis. They come from various parts of Venezuela, from the northern coast to the south, traveling only with what they can carry —… Read more »

Holy boldness: Profile of women religious rising at Vatican

VATICAN CITY | The Vatican can move at a snail’s pace but looking back over the past six years, the profile of women, especially women religious, at Vatican events has risen sharply. The Roman Curia is not teeming with women leaders and Pope Francis has given no indication, for example, that he will open the… Read more »

A bishop testifies on immigration as president seeks to change asylum

WASHINGTON | In a memo released late on April 29, President Donald Trump ordered changes for how refugees may apply for asylum to the U.S., requesting an application fee from asylum-seekers and denying them permission to work depending on how the applicant entered the country. Though the changes are not immediate, he gave administration officials… Read more »

Catholic bishops condemn Poway synagogue shooting

WASHINGTON | Catholic bishops from around the U.S. were quick to condemn the April 27 attack on a Jewish community gathered at a synagogue near San Diego, which left one person dead and three others injured. “Our country should be better than this; our world should be beyond such acts of hatred and anti-Semitism,” said… Read more »

Churches padlocked, schools closed week after Sri Lanka attacks

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka | Fears of suicide bomb attacks kept many Christians and Muslims away from churches and mosques for Sunday Mass and Friday prayers a week after the Easter bombings. The Catholic Church halted Masses and Sunday schools until security improves after terror attacks killed more than 250 people April 21; the gates of… Read more »

Pope makes donation to help migrants traveling through Mexico

TAPACHULA, Mexico | Pope Francis has donated $500,000 to assist migrants attempting to travel through Mexico, but who are increasingly being impeded by Mexican officials from reaching the U.S. border. Those migrants who travel the length of Mexico are also being impeded in their attempts to apply for asylum in the United States and remain… Read more »

Curia reforms put priority on evangelization, synodality, cardinals say

ROME | The proposed apostolic constitution for reforming and governing the Roman Curia is expected to emphasize the church’s missionary mandate with the creation of a “super-dicastery” merging two offices dedicated to evangelization. “The main point of the new apostolic constitution is that the church’s mission is evangelization. It puts it at the center of… Read more »

National Shrine hosts organ concert to benefit Notre Dame Cathedral

WASHINGTON | More than 2,000 people attended an April 26 organ concert at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington to benefit restoration and rebuilding efforts of Notre Dame de Paris, the famous French cathedral severely damaged in the April 15 fire. The 90-minute concert was performed by Johann Vexo,… Read more »