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Trump immigration plan’s impact on family ‘deeply troubling,’ says bishop

WASHINGTON  The chairman of the U.S. bishops’ migration committee said Jan. 30 that the Catholic bishops welcomed the Trump administration’s proposal to give “Dreamers” a path to citizenship, but at the same time, they are “deeply troubled” about the plan’s “impact on family unity.” On Jan. 26, the White House released a proposal offering a… Read more »

Ahead of Super Bowl, Catholics partner to ramp up anti-trafficking efforts

ST. PAUL, Minn. | For Terry Forliti, a series of traumatic events as a teenager — being raped by her boss, her friend dying in a car accident and her parents divorcing — spurred heavy drug use that carried into adulthood. But Forliti was able to function — up until her own divorce, being laid… Read more »

DACA youth worry immigration deal for them will unleash fear for others

WASHINGTON | Young adults waiting to hear whether lawmakers will grant them the opportunity to stay in the country legally said they don’t want Congress to offer an immigration deal that will help them but in turn produce fear and mass deportation among their parents and neighbors who are in the country illegally. “What good… Read more »

Congo’s bishops criticize excessive force to break up protests

KINSHASA, Congo | Congo’s bishops condemned the “excessive and disproportionate use of force” by security forces that dispersed protesters demanding President Joseph Kabila hold fresh elections in line with a church-brokered accord. In a Jan. 22 report, the bishops’ conference said “peaceful marches” had been “violently repressed and smothered with tear gas and bursts of… Read more »

Lord’s Prayer: Germans stick with wording; Italians to change at Mass

ROME | After special study, the German bishops’ conference decided to stick with the traditional wording in the Lord’s Prayer while the Italian bishops’ conference has decided to change the words of the prayer in their translation of the Roman Missal. The decisions come after the French bishops decided that beginning early December last year,… Read more »

Bishops consider plans to revitalize appeal of a Catholic education

WASHINGTON | Catholic bishops are looking to “transform” Catholic schools in response to decades of declining enrollment that has forced hundreds of schools to close since 2005. The effort, said the chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Catholic Education, encompasses a wide-ranging look at issues facing Catholic schools and a renewed… Read more »

Sharing ‘fake news’ makes one an accomplice in evil, pope says

VATICAN CITY | People have a responsibility to check the source of what they share on social media to ensure it is not “fake news” designed to further prejudices or increase fear, Pope Francis said. Fake news grabs people’s attention “by appealing to stereotypes and common social prejudices, and exploiting instantaneous emotions like anxiety, contempt,… Read more »

In-flight nuptials: Pope didn’t glide over church requirements

VATICAN CITY | Pope Francis’ decision to convalidate the marriage of two flight attendants in the air sent waves of turbulence through the Catholic blogosphere, where respected canon lawyers and pastors raised serious questions about the pope sending a message that marriage wasn’t so serious. But three days later, the pope gave reporters more of… Read more »

Pope apologizes to sex abuse victims, defends accused Chilean bishop

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM PERU | Pope Francis apologized to victims of clergy sex abuse, saying he unknowingly wounded them by the way he defended a Chilean bishop accused of covering up abuse by his mentor. Speaking with journalists on his flight to Rome from Lima, Peru, Jan. 21, the pope said he only… Read more »

Churches in Syrian enclave say Turkish bombing is killing civilians

AMMAN, Jordan | Churches in Afrin, Syria, are calling on the world to stop the slaughter of civilians during the Turkish military assault. “We ask you to pray for us and for our city which, before a couple of days ago, was full of life, but today is not,” said the Rev. Saeed Daoud, a… Read more »