Our Catholic Appeal: Your witness of faith makes God’s law visible

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Grace and peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you! Psalm 119, which we pray on Sunday, Feb. 12, is the longest by far in the Psalter. Its author praises God for giving such splendid laws and instruction for the people by which to live. The psalmist is fascinated with God’s word directing and guiding human life.

To listen to the word is to have a personal encounter with God. Psalm 119 guides us toward the Gospel and the fulfillment of the law in Jesus Christ. The Lord and his word are our “land” in which we live in communion and joy.

Each year during Our Catholic Appeal, you affirm the Lord and his word by your generous response in supporting the ministries of the Diocese of Orlando. You open your hearts to the gift of these ministries because they help each one of you to live more fully in God’s law and to prosper our land with his majestic love. From honoring the divinity of each life to teaching people of all ages about our faith, to sharing our resources with those who are alone or in need to holding our parishes accountable for your stewardship in the Lord’s name, these ministries bring forth God’s law in our land.

Pope Francis said during the Jubilee of Mercy, “The preaching of Jesus is made visible once more in the response of faith which Christians are called to offer by their witness.” Through Our Catholic Appeal, your witness of faith makes God’s law visible.

Thank you for your extraordinary response to my special appeal each year. I ask you to continue to prosper God’s law through an offering for Our Catholic Appeal, for our ministries, our people, our future. When your gift is truly based on love, the amount, no matter the size, will yield blessing for all the people. May our eyes be open as we consider the wonders of God’s law.