Florida’s Past at Your Fingertips

The Florida Catholic newspaper dates back to the Diocese of St. Augustine in 1939. That original diocese has since been split and re-split into smaller dioceses as the years passed and the population increased. Since that time, the Florida Catholic has, at various times, published editions in every diocese of Florida.

If you want an article from the past published in the Florida Catholic, let us attempt to find it for you. We are usually successful in finding the articles requested, providing there is enough information to locate it.

An article that can be found quickly will be free. If the article takes a significant amount of research, there may be a charge. In such an event we will contact you with an estimate of fees.

If the article you are requesting is less than three years old and was a front page or top story, search the Florida Catholic website using the Search field in the top left corner of this page.

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