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The Florida Catholic, as the official newspaper for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami and the dioceses of Orlando, Palm Beach and Venice shares in the mission of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ by providing information, education, and a forum for discussion.

Mission Statement

The Florida Catholic educates and inspires its readers and enriches their lives. It leads them to a deeper understanding and sharing of official Church teaching and a greater commitment to the practical application of that teaching. The Florida Catholic is aware that there also are readers of other faiths or no faith who learn about the Catholic Church from our newspaper. The paper consciously respects and reaches out to these readers ready to help them understand the Catholic faith and welcomes those who are led to become Catholic.

The Florida Catholic provides objective, accurate current information about the church, both worldwide and local, and events that reflect the life and activities of the People of God. It responds appropriately to the errors and misrepresentations in the secular media.

Since this is a living church made up of imperfect beings with all the blessings of grace and the tragedy of sin, at times the paper is faced with reporting difficult and controversial events. The Florida Catholic will not avoid or sensationalize such events but will report them objectively and fairly.

Recognizing within the church the place for legitimate diversity of opinion consonant with Catholic teaching, The Florida Catholic will not hesitate to present divergent view points. The newspaper, however, will never endorse opinions contrary to Catholic faith and teaching nor become a forum for their discussion. When reporting opinions dissenting from Catholic faith and teaching, it will, if necessary, identify them as such.

The Florida Catholic has a special responsibility to foster a spirit of unity and pride in the universal church and in the dioceses it serves.


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