Bishop Frank J. Dewane blesses a Mobile Medical Clinic. (PHOTO BY BOB REDDY)

Mobile Medical Clinic funded by Knights

Fort Myers  |  It took the work of many and the commitment of all for the Knights of Columbus throughout the Diocese of Venice to raise $184,000 in less than seven months.

What motivated the Knights? They knew the money raised was going toward saving lives. And not just any lives, but the lives of the most vulnerable — the unborn who are at risk of being aborted. Besides, promoting a Culture of Life is one of the key principals for the Knights.

The first of several celebrations marking this remarkable accomplishment took place on Aug. 20 at St. Cecilia Parish where Bishop Frank J. Dewane blessed a new Mobile Medical Clinic, which has been donated to Community Pregnancy Clinics Inc. (CPCI) to reach young mothers across the region where they live.

Bishop Dewane made the first contribution to the Knights efforts in December and from there Knights councils and assemblies across southwest Florida stepped up to support this important effort.

Dr. James Coon, Culture of Life Chairman for the Knights in Region 5, which encompasses the entire Diocese, said that when the campaign began the various councils were not asked to contribute specific amounts to the cause, but they were merely asked to give what they could afford.

“And boy, did they respond,” Coon said. “This Mobile Medical Clinic will save lives — as we know, many mothers who receive loving and supportive care, coupled with the first picture of their child from the ultrasound, refuse to abort their loved ones.”

Coon said the Supreme Council of the Knights paid for the ultrasound itself, and that the Knights will now begin to actively raise funds to help pay for the overall operation and maintenance of the two CPCI Mobile Medical Clinics on an annual basis.

Bishop Dewane praised the Knights for their support for not only the new Mobile Medical Clinic, but for their tireless commitment in publicly supporting life. The Knights have been responsible for raising money for 15 different ultrasounds which are now in use at life-affirming pregnancy centers throughout the Diocese.

The Bishop also praised the directors of CPCI for continuing to find ways to expand their outreach into the community such as the new mobile clinic, the second one currently on the road. CPCI also has two offices in Naples, one in Fort Myers, Sarasota and a recently opened one in Gainesville near the campus of the University of Florida. Several of those clinics are directly across from Planned Parenthood facilities, the largest abortionists in the U.S. CPCI, through its first Mobile Medical Clinic and offices saves more than 1,000 unborn babies each year.

The Mobile Medical Clinic is staffed with a registered diagnostic sonographer, accompanied by a volunteer client advocate with medical directors providing professional oversight to the staff. The mobile clinic will routinely visit the sites of private abortionists’ offices, social service agencies, and outlying communities with high concentrations of young, minority and student populations – the targets of established abortion providers.

The roving Clinic is also a traveling billboard, advertising CPCI’s life-affirming options wherever it goes. When parked at health fairs and special events, or at schools and churches where CPCI offers a youth outreach program called SHARE (Sexual Health and Relationship Education), the mobile clinic builds awareness for their profile mission to all who see it.

CPCI Development Director Domenick Micillo spoke on behalf of the organization and thanked everyone for their support of their life-affirming pregnancy centers and Mobile Medical Clinics. Micillo noted that the visibility of the van throughout the community will help promote a Culture of Life throughout the region.

Also present for the blessing were various representatives of the Knights Councils from throughout the region, Diocesan Chaplain Father Bob Kantor, as well as representatives of the CPCI Board of Directors, staff and volunteers.

To ensure that Knights from across the Diocese can see the Mobile Medical Clinic, additional blessing ceremonies will be taking place in the coming weeks.

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