Hispanic, Florida Catholic

Priests and representatives of the different Hispanic movements in the Diocese of Venice are seen here with Bishop Frank J. Dewane following a March 7 meeting at the Catholic Center, Venice. (BOB REDDY | FC)

Hispanic Lay movements going strong

Venice  |  The Diocese of Venice continues to take the necessary steps under the guidance of Bishop Frank J. Dewane to put into action the different objectives that the consultation process for the V Encuentro identified in the Diocese. 

These objectives include creating a Hispanic youth pastoral outreach, as well as the coordination of the various ministries and faith formation. On March 7, Hispanic leaders of the lay movements (Charismatic Renewal, Emmaus, John XXIII, MDS, Cursillo and Padres Madres Orantes), priests and Bishop Dewane met to evaluate and discern means for collaborating pastoral efforts to achieve these diocesan goals.

The ultimate goal, as Pope Francis asked, is for everyone to become missionary disciples and witness of God’s love. During the meeting each movement leader, along with their priest spiritual director, had the opportunity to explain the charism of their movement and the activities they carry out at the Parish and Diocesan level. 

The groups also shared the needs of the Hispanic faithful through their experiences, the desire to give their best and their expectations to work with the priests. Many expressed their need for the presence and guidance of the clergy so as to function better. 

As each explained the movement’s vision, achievements and challenges, it was clear that there was the action of the Holy Spirit in each of those present. The priests and Bishop Dewane listened, asked questions and gave suggestions. The desire to learn was confirmed by the various reports of the secretaries of the diocesan formation in Spanish. 

Each Deanery, or region, has its own characteristics and challenges. In turn, each secretary gave a report of the numbers, participation and challenges. In total this year there are 852 people registered in the various movements, with an average attendance of 72 percent. 

The Bishop and priests were able to gain a new pastoral perspective of the Hispanic faithful in the parishes. Through questions and answers, a dialogue was opened to listen, understand, and discern the need for a collaborative pastoral ministry. 

At the end of the meeting, everyone participating was encouraged to pray in unity so that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide each, as the Diocese moves forward with supporting the Hispanic Catholic community of the faithful.