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Tiffany Barley serves as an ultrasound technician at the Women’s Care Center. At right, Gerri Rorick, director of Women’s Care Center, holds a picture of triplets born with the help of the center

Vero Beach Women’s Care saves babies from abortion

VERO BEACH  |  Since it opened in 2013, Women’s Care Center in Vero Beach has offered a loving and caring alternative to abortion.

Gerri Rorick has served as the center’s director since it opened. She had a background in religious education, served at St. Helen Parish in Vero Beach, and described herself as “blessed to be an adoptive mother.”

“I think God used my background as preparation to run this center,” she said. “We have been blessed beyond words. We meet women where they are in life, not where we want them to be. We offer them unconditional love and support.”

With the help of donors, the center is able to offer services such as ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, and free, confidential counseling, support and education to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Prenatal medical care and abortions not provided. The Vero Beach location is one of 29 Women’s Care Centers across the United States.

In 2017, the Vero Beach center had 650 new clients and celebrated the birth of 561 babies. The center is located on a highly visible location.

“Women planning to abort see our sign and come here instead,” Rorick said. “Every month we average 55 pregnancies.”

The women earn everything they need for their baby in the Crib Club shopping boutique. By attending free classes, they earn coupons to shop for their baby. They receive training on newborn care, breastfeeding and potty-training. After they have their baby, if they still need help, they can come back.

“There have been many little miracles along the way. One couple, after having two ultrasounds, found out they were going to have triplets,” Rorick said. “This was a moment of grace, helping bring three babies into the world.”

Those who serve the center speak about how grateful and happy they are to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Tiffany Barley, an ultrasound technician, added offering the ultrasounds make a difference to pregnant women.

“Seeing the baby on the screen makes an impact,” she said.

Prayer plays a big part in the ministry. Rorick recalled how a client came in interested in having an adoption for her unborn baby. She delivered prematurely, but both families she selected declined the baby.

“We had a plan A and a Plan B, no Plan C,” Rorick said.

She recalled how she and her husband, John, went to adoration at St. Helen Parish where they prayed for the baby who was born Sept. 4.

“At midnight, through God’s grace, a family said, ‘Yes,’ unconditionally, with no hesitation. My promise to this birthmother was fulfilled,” Rorick recalled, adding the child was born on the anniversary of the canonization of St. Teresa of Kolkata. “We believe this child is destined for great things. We call this baby our adoration baby.” n

ENDNOTE: The Women’s Care Center is located at 1986 31st Ave., Vero Beach. For information, call 772-257-5390 or visit www.womenscarecenter.org/verobeach.