Annual campaign shines light on farmworker issues

ORLANDO  |  As Catholics embark on the season of fasting and abstinence, it might be the best time to think about the question: “Who provided the food on my table?” Farmworkers toil in the fields and serve a critical function for all Americans, yet they are hidden in the shadows of American society. That is... Read more »


Two Orlando Diocese priests publish books on prayer

MELBOURNE  |   Two priests of the Diocese of Orlando — Father Eamon Tobin, pastor of Ascension Parish in Melbourne, and Father David Scotchie, pastor of Most Precious Blood Parish in Oviedo — are passionate about proclaiming the word of God, both in their parish communities and to people around the world. Both pastors have recently... Read more »

Palm Beach

Tragic memory still ignites a blessed, prayerful life

One World War II veteran here is strong in faith and eternally grateful to God for the blessing of life STUART  |  Former U.S. Navy Radioman Second Class Leo Hopkins clearly remembers a day 72 years ago that changed his life forever and took the lives of so many, for whom he continues to pray... Read more »